Nata, our charming artificial intelligence bot, will connect you with telecom providers in your area. 

To get started, make a few selections defining which business internet and/or phone service offers you would like to receive:

Business internet services available:

  1. Dedicated Internet

  2. Broadband Internet

  3. Quantity of Static IP addresses

Phone services available:

  1. New Phones

  2. Type of Voice Lines (SIP Trunks, Analog Lines, PRI Trunks, or Cloud PBX)

  3. Quantity of phone numbers and/or Toll Free numbers

  4. Long Distance Minute Bundles

  5. Fax Lines - Virtual or Analog, etc..

Getting a bill copy will help here

If you have a current bill copy for your existing services, it can help you answer some of these questions. You may also reach out to your current provider over the phone to get the answers you need.

Once this step is complete, Nika will connect you with telecom providers in your area to compare business internet and phone service offers .

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