When switching services for new business internet or commercial phone service, it's important to understand what to expect.

Although every provider is different following their own policies and procedures, it helps to have a general idea of what to expect with the installation of your new order.

Installation Timeframes
Typical installation timeframes quoted by telecom providers in normal installation environments are as follows:

30-45 days

  1. Fiber Optics (where no construction required - building already lit)

  2. Ethernet Services that use Copper (such as T1, Bonded T1, Ethernet over Copper (EOC),

  3. Broadband Coax or Cable (where no construction required - building already lit)

  4. Phone Service (any type)

90-120 days or longer

  1. Fiber Optics (where new construction is required)

  2. Cable Internet (where new construction is required)

Other scenarios
Your installation may take longer if other issues arise such as:

  1. The address you provided is incorrect or changed

  2. The telecom provider did not do a site survey before accepting your order

  3. The telecom provider encounters building issues, such as ROW - right of way for construction, or city permits further delay construction

Cancel Your Existing Services
Don't forget to send your notice for non-renewal to your existing carrier within the required timeframe (if any) specified in your existing agreement. It is your responsibility to manage the cancellation of all existing service that you plan to terminate.

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