We'd like to think that installing telecom would be as easy as an Amazon order, just click and done, but that's not always the case!

While most installations run smoothly, sometimes delays with your order can occur if a telecom provider runs into issues prior to the installation of your services.

Common Installation Issues

After your order, prior to installation:

  1.  No site survey was performed on your building prior to installation
  2. Construction costs were underestimated by your provider
  3. Network routes or maps conflict between providers databases
  4. Incorrect or missing information, computer error or user error, etc..

Increased Cost

These types of issues could possibly increase the cost of your installation. If your carrier does not solely absorb any increased installation costs, you would typically be notified of your options to either pay any difference or cancel the order without termination fees.

Please review the service agreement with your carrier to better understand the terms and conditions governing your agreement. 

Who to Contact 

Please note that Telecom.live is only a platform connecting you with the telecom providers offering their services. Telecom.live does not manage or communicate installation issues regarding your order. Please contact your service provider for all information regarding installation.

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