If your office is running on old telephones that barely work, it may just be the right time to upgrade!

Most telecom providers that offer voice services have been offering business VOIP phones to replace old and worn office phones with new feature-rich handsets that offer many benefits over traditional phone systems.

These new phone systems are manufactured by premium brands such as Polycom and offer great redundancy features to keep your business up and running with almost 100% uptime!

Old Copper Lines Keep Going Down!

Traditional phone systems use copper analog phone lines that have a telephone number attached to the physical line. While this has worked great for many years, it also creates massive problems when the line goes down from events such as bad weather. Let's face it, the copper is old, really old... and the big carriers are moving away from copper infrastructure as it's expensive to repair and considered a dinosaur aged technology.

Welcome to Cloud Phones!

Also known as VOIP (voice over IP), telecom providers have made your business easy to scale with powerful feature sets that use to only belong to large enterprises spending hundreds of thousands of dollars! Now, you too can enjoy the simplicity of running a sophisticated phone system that's managed by the carrier while being plug and play for you!


In our old scenario above, where bad weather hits and your lines go down use to mean your customer were calling but you didn't even know it! With cloud phone systems, your phone "brain" lives in a data center vs a little telco closet in your office. Now, data centers are purpose built environments that are designed to never go down. They may have 14 different internet providers piping in, multiple power generators, be flood proof, weather proof, while hosting top level security - basically a facility designed to stay up and running no matter what's going on outside. 

Never Miss a Call Again 

Now, imagine all your business phone calls are first running to this data center where your phone brain lives and controls all the call traffic. From there, it routes calls to your desktop phones or mobile apps. If your office loses internet, your calls can be programmed to automatically route to a cell phone or another call center. Once internet is restored, all calls are auto-routed back to your office. All done automatically, you didn't have to call anybody to make this work! This feature is called Call Forward Not Reachable.

Feature Rich

Other than the physical hardware, Cloud Phones are purchased by seats or licenses instead of "lines." The more advanced feature set you get, typically the higher the price. However, most telecom provider's basic feature set includes features that are far more superior and flexible compared to analog lines. Basic features can include things like voicemail to email, conference calling, managing your desk phone or the entire company phone system from an online portal, as well as call forwarding, call waiting, 3-4 digit extension dialing between different offices - the whole company directory can be reached by dialing an extension, anybody-anywhere no matter what city!

Got snow today and your doors will be closed? Easy! Just upload a "were closed today" audio file from the warmth of your home, nobody goes to work and your customers knows the status of your business. Audio files can also be uploaded to run your promotions while customers wait on hold.

Employee left? Easy, just forward their calls to another phone - it takes seconds and you can do it yourself.

Cost Savings

With Cloud Phone systems, your telecom provider is usually your point of contact to make system changes if you feel something is too complex for you to do yourself. This can save you money on your third party "phone guy" who charges hourly rates for support. You also don't have to come out of pocket with capital expenditures to buy a new phone system, most carriers will give you a seat (or line) with a new phone included at rates that are less than half the price of traditional analog phone lines. That's right, new phone hardware and phone line for 50% less than one analog phone line you use to pay! Not to mention, taxes and government fees are usually much less too!

To Wrap It Up

Cloud Phone systems are a revolution for business telephony. Also called Hosted PBX, UC (Unified Communications), Call Centers all while using VOIP. These IP based phones offer cost savings, great flexibility, and virtually no down-time. It's no wonder why businesses are making the switch today in masses, it's an evolution, it's a revolution. 

Beware, there are many small shop phone companies who are trying to run VOIP systems out of their tiny offices, hosting phone "brains" there instead of data centers! This delivers poor redundancy, poor quality, on a poor internet connection. There is a WRONG way to do VOIP, and right way!

Telecom.live recommends going with a carrier who has the resources, network, and infrastructure to deliver years of quality service and technical support. Order only from our trusted providers by clicking here:

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