The most common question we get asked when someone is switching phone service providers is:

"Do I get the keep the same phone numbers?"

The short answer is YES! 

Porting phone numbers is an FCC mandated process. You have a right to your numbers, your telecom provider just services them. Only in very rare circumstances are some phone numbers unable to part ways with a carrier.

LOA - Letter of Authorization (Port Form)

If you are changing your commercial phone service provider and currently have telephone services with phone numbers, you should receive a form within your order called an LOA - Letter of Authorization to sign.

This is a number porting form that you fill out to authorize the release of your telephone numbers from your old telephone carrier to your new one. A similar form would be provided if you are porting your toll-free number as well.

Port Request Rejected

Please note, to prevent fraud and abuse, your current telephone provider could reject or deny your port request for even the slightest mistake! So please make sure that you fill out your LOA form correctly. 

Correct information would include the current authorized contact name, billing telephone number, address, and all numbers or groups of numbers that you would like ported to your new carrier. This must be an exact match to what your current carrier has on file - if your not sure, call them. 

If you change any information, or there is a mismatch of information, your port request would most likely get denied - requiring your carrier to resubmit it - causing further delays in your order getting installed.

Getting New Telephone Numbers Issued

If you are getting new telephone numbers issued or new telephone service and have no old phone numbers to port in, you do not need to sign an LOA form. Orders that do not require number porting typically install at much faster time frames than those that do require porting.

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