To help you transition to a new telecom provider, you don't want to forget about your current business internet or phone service provider!

Here are some tips and common questions we get about cancelling existing services:

When does my current contract expire?

Most contracts being on the date that your services complete installation, and therefore not on the date that you originally signed your agreement.

You can confirm your existing contract expiration date by either calling your current telecom provider, or finding the date when your services installed and adding the number of months from your contract term. 

Send your notice to stop auto-renewal!

Most telecom providers require some sort of notice from a customer to not "auto-renew" their services. 

Check your current telecom agreement for your notice requirements. They typically range anywhere from 30 days to 90 days prior to your existing contract expiration date. 

In these notices you want to clearly state your intent to not auto-renew existing services, and notify them to not disconnect you until you confirm with them that new services have installed.

Send a service disconnect date!

Most providers will ask for a "termination" date of services, usually required 30 days in advance - but double check your existing agreement to make sure.

This is not the same as your auto-renewal notice. The purpose of this notice is for your existing provider to cancel the billing of your old services, so you want to make sure that you new services are already installed or very close to being installed. 

How to send your cancellation notices 

The termination notices above can usually be sent via fax, email, or certified mail (we recommend all three to cover your bases!) You can also read your existing contract for your current carrier's preference or requirements.

Post Installation Check In

We recommend you call your old carrier right after your new services have installed to confirm that your billing has terminated. 

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