Congratulations! You got your new services installed and your first bill has finally arrived.

You may want to take a close look at your first bill to make sure that the services in your service agreement match up with the line items noted in your first bill.

Billed in Advance
Depending on the date that your services installed, you may have more than one month of service being billed on your first bill. Almost all telecom providers bill in advance, meaning you always pay one full month of service in advance.

Prorated Billing
Most telecom providers have fixed billing cycle start and end dates (1st - 31st, or 15th - 14th of next month, etc.) So your first bill will almost always include one full month of billing plus a prorated rated portion - that might be a few days to a few weeks.

First Bill Example
Let's say your carrier’s billing cycle for all customers is from the 1st through the 31st, and you installed on the 21st. You will have 10 days of prorated billing, plus one full month of billing. This will change depending when you installed.

Non-Recurring Charges
If your service agreement contained any one-time charges such as installation, new phone setup, or construction costs - you would typically see these items only on your first bill. The next bill moving forward would start showing normal monthly recurring charges for your services.

Moving Forward with Billing
As you can see, your first billing cycle could be higher than normal due to prorated charges and non-recurring charges. Remember though, your billing line items should still match up with your service agreement, even starting with your first bill! 

If you have any billing questions or disputes, please contact your telecom provider directly for resolution.

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