Telecom is sometimes looked at like a commodity - a necessity that we have on the back-burner until the last minute!

This can create unnecessary pressure for both you and your service provider to get new services installed before deadlines approach. Telecom installations follow a thorough and rigorous process to make the first installation be the right one!

Ordering Guidelines 

In our experience, we recommend ordering new services well in advance before you need them up and running. Follow the guidelines below to help make your transition to a new provider as smooth as possible:

2-3 Months for Standard Installations

If you're looking to change your telecom service provider, its best to start ordering new service about 60-90 days in advance for standard installations (installs that typically take 30-45 days.) 

5-6 Months for Non-Standard Installations

If your business requires new construction to bring fiber optics lines or coax cable lines into the building, we recommend ordering services around 180 days in advance of your service installation deadline or existing contract expiration date (installs that typically take 90-120 days.) 

Expedited Installation

Some carriers offer expedited installation services. Your carrier can communicate their expedited (prioritized) installation policy and any fees associated after your order has been successfully transmitted to your new telecom provider.

Click here to see typical installation timeframes for different types of services.

Sooner Beats Later!

Remember, it's much easier to have your new services installed with little to no overlap before your current service contract expires, than it is to deal with auto-renewals and missed disconnect dates! Please coordinate carefully with your new telecom provider to understand your installation dates and schedule.

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